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Welcome to The Fort Wayne Ballroom Company! We provide the highest quality ballroom dance education available in a healthy, fun, and inclusive environment. Whether you are learning to social dance, have desires to compete in Dancesport Competitions, or are preparing for a special event or wedding, our highly-trained staff of professionals can fulfill all of your dance needs!

The benefits of ballroom dancing can be appreciated and enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age or experience. It's a great way to exercise and stay in shape, spend time with a significant other, meet people and make friends, learn a social skill for parties and special occassions, perform showdances, or fullfill a dream of being a competitive dancer. We have created a school with a unique educational process, where each student's dance goals can be achieved through practice and instruction.

Our instructors are DVIDA certified and their continued education and certification creates the foundation of the quality instruction you will experience at The Fort Wayne Ballroom Company. Our expert instructors won't just teach you ballroom dance steps, they will teach you the skill of social dancing sucessfully.

Contact us today to try a free group class, visit our dance studio, meet the instructors, and see firsthand how we teach!

Student Spotlight

Victor Kutsenok

This month's Student Spotlight is on Victor Kutsenok! Victor was hesitant to begin dancing when his daughter Anya, a competitive student at the studio, gave him a Holiday Gift Certificate. Victor felt that dancing was his daughter's specialty. Initially, his identity was wrapped up in being Anya's supportive father, but students soon saw Victor in the studio practicing most days of the week on his own. A Professor of Math at The University of Saint Francis, he enjoys dancing because it combines many of his loves in the following formula: Dancing=Math+Music+Sport. He jokes that he hopes ladies leave room for his shines!


Nathan Daniels

Nathan Daniels is coming to visit the studio soon! Come learn from a United States National Finalist in Cabaret and Theatrical Ballroom.


Snow Ball

The competition students are preparing for Snow Ball. Wish them luck while they are away in Minneapolis, MN January 13th-15th!

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